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Because quilting is, by nature, an artistic process, determining the price is not a precision science. That would be a bit like saying “A shirt costs $20.00” without taking into account the differences between a packaged t-shirt and a silk designer blouse.

For most quilting styles – meander, edge-to-edge freehand, and custom – prices tend to range from $60 – $150 for a baby quilt/wall hanging, $100 – $250 for twin- to queen-size quilts, and $175 – $350 for a king-sized quilt.

Several objective and subjective factors help determine the price of each quilt. The two most important objective factors are the size of the piece and the complexity of the quilting. The size in square inches is determined by multiplying the length and width of the

Two edge-to-edge designs: on the left, Bamboo Forest (right) and simple meander (left).

Two edge-to-edge designs: on the left, Bamboo Forest (right) and simple meander (left).

quilt. For example, a 60 x 90 inch quilt is 5400 square inches. A price is then applied, based on the quilting design selected. (See PRICE LIST.)

In the 5400-square-inch example, a simple edge-to-edge large meander would cost $0.02 per square inch, or $108.

More visually interesting edge-to-edge patterns (flowers, feathers, leaves, water, etc.) cost between $0.025 and $0.035 per square inch ($135 to $189 in our 60 x 90-inch example). The density and complexity of the chosen pattern determines the price within that range.

If that same size quilt was finished with distinct patterns in each area – for example, stippling around appliques, or individual feathered wreaths in each block with separate border and sashing designs – it is considered “custom quilting” and is priced starting at $0.04 per square inch ($216 in this case). Once again, complexity and density come into play when determining the precise cost.

Finally – for very special quilts – we offer “heirloom quilting”: extremely closely stitched intricate patterns, often including trapunto (raised portions). Heirloom quilts are priced individually, with prices reflecting the time spent working on them.

Heirloom quilting detail

Heirloom quilting detail

How do we decide what will work best for your specific quilt? We are guided by your vision as the quilt’s maker, our vision and experience as long-arm quilters, and by your budget. We always listen to your ideas, needs, and concerns when developing our quilting design.

Each quilt also has its own needs. For example, the stitching tends to blend in on quilts made of busy prints or batiks; we wouldn’t recommend dense, fancy quilting on those, unless the back is a solid and you’d like the quilting pattern to create interest there. In general, you get more bang for your quilting buck on solids or solid background areas, where the quilting design really shows. It’s important to take into account the quilt’s ultimate owner and purpose. Your teenager is much less likely than a quilt-show judge to notice or appreciate the quilting. A quilt made to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding is likely to deserve special quilting to reflect its significance.

Several factors can incur additional fees or costs:

Thread: While we don’t charge for solid color threads or have a per-bobbin fee, variegated thread costs an additional $5, and there is a fee of $5 for switching colors (for each new color).

Batting: We can supply any popular brand of batting, for by-the-yard prices comparable to those charged at any quilt shop. Warm & Natural is our preferred brand. You can save money buying your own using JoAnns coupons. Please remember that it needs to be a few inches longer and wider than the quilt top.

Borders: On quilts with an edge-to-edge quilting design, borders that are treated as separate elements add to the final cost of the quilting. Each border on baby quilt adds $5; on a twin, $10; full/queen, $15; and king, $20. On custom and heirloom quilts, the first two borders are included. Additional borders are charged as above.

Clean-up Work: There is a $40/hour labor fee for fixing problem quilts or backing. This includes ironing set-in wrinkles, adding borders to a too-small backing, and repairing loose seams in a quilt top. Fabric fee is $10/yard. The best way to avoid these extra charges is to ensure that your quilt is squared and free of threads and your backing is large enough.

Binding: Working with your fabric, the fees per linear inch are: 10 cents to make the binding, 15 cents to attach it to the front of the quilt, 25 cents to machine stitch it to the back of the quilt, and 50 cents to hand stitch it to the back of the quilt.


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