Quilts for Sale

By the Sea Custom Quilting can make a personalized gift for any special person or occasion in your life – or for YOU.

Combining beauty, artistry and functionality, a quilt is a gift of love that can be cherished for generations. Celebrate a wedding or anniversary, welcome a new baby or send a teen off to college with a gift that wraps its lucky recipient in warmth and love.

Visit the Quilt Gallery page to see some of my work that is currently for sale, or has recently sold. Then let your imagination soar! Most of the pieces on that page can be recreated with different colors, sizes, and themes to create a gift that will be immediately recognized as “There’s a little bit of me in that quilt”!

Roamin Holiday

A good example of an adaptable quilt is Roamin’ Holiday (right), details below.

This quilt was made for a man with a fascination for old printing presses, fine wines, travel (particularly in Italy) and his hometown of New York City. Each of the fabrics used was selected with his interests in mind, and the pattern resembles a city skyline.

Roamin' holiday fabric detail 1

This is  great example of a quilt that can be adapted to reflect many different interests. Think of it done in florals for a gardener, musical notation and instruments for a music buff, or superhero fabrics for a boy’s bed. The possibilities are endless, and it can be any size from a wall hanging to a king bed.


both sides now

“Rose Garden” (below left) and “Both Sides Now” (right) are the same quilt pattern, done monochromatically and in a variety of colors, respectively. This pattern can be adapted to any color scheme, and is particularly attractive in batiks.

rose garden

Baby quilts can be made in flannel or woven cotton, in various colors and prints, in traditional or modern patterns. Below is a Martian-themed quilt made for a friend’s grandson. While the quilt pattern is a simple one, the juxtaposition of dark and light squares makes them “jump”. The detail on the right shows the matching handmade doll that is included with every baby quilt from By the Sea Custom Quilting.

martian quilt

martian quilt with doll